Why Install Mobile Home Skirting?

Why Install Mobile Home Skirting?

Count on us to install your mobile skirt correctly in Moss Bluff, LA and surrounding areas

Protecting your mobile home can be difficult, but mobile home skirting can help. A mobile home skirt is a layer of vinyl, metal, plywood or concrete that protects your pipes. Mobile home skirting is installed around every side of your mobile home from the bottom of the structure to the top of the ground.

Beau-Cal Mobile Home Repair can install your mobile home skirting in Moss Bluff, LA and surrounding areas. We'll help you keep your mobile home safe. Contact us now to schedule a skirting installation appointment.

Benefits of mobile home skirting

When you're considering skirting your mobile home, you should know the benefits a skirting installation could provide. Skirting has the ability to:

  • Make your mobile home look complete
  • Protect your plumbing to keep your pipes from freezing
  • Prevent unwanted animals and vermin from making space under your home
  • Provide you with covered storage under your deck or porch

To get started on your skirting installation, we need to know how large and how high your mobile home is. If you want to install the skirting yourself, we can help you order the correct materials and kits so you can get the job done right. Call 337-905-2222 today to get a skirting installation quote in Moss Bluff, LA and surrounding areas.